Monday, March 13, 2017

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Hello and thanks for visiting!  For my portfolio, I chose to show you how I work during the many different stages of development.  I have a small breakdown of each section to give you insight to how I work and describe to you my various responsibilities throughout the course of a development cycle.  If you like what you see, check out my résumé and contact me here.

[Graphics Engine Testing] This was one of the earliest stages of preproduction when I was given a project I to prove out an updated graphic engine one of our sister companies have been working on. I had 2 weeks to get as far as I could. This environment helped get their teams engine approved for production and we've been working with them since then. I've also had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Kiev and work with them directly to expedite some processes and info share. 

[Photogrammetry] Developed the Photogrammetry pipeline at WGS.  Much of thse captures were from Eastern Washington.  This was a vertical slice to prove the process works and can be translated in game. It also helped determine what shaders were required from the Tech Art team.

[Whitebox Planning] This was to 'go big' and see the scope of what we could accomplish for a sprawling city vista so that we could plan out what technologies were required to get the final job done. 

[World Machine Pipeline]  Helped develop the World Machine pipeline and its correlation with our engines terrain system.  When I started at WGS, no terrain system existed so we built that from the ground up.  Now its a fully functional system that can go forward and backward with World Machine and has a ton of features to help get the best results.  This piece was a part of those explorations and has managed to land itself as the background for the in game garage.

[RND] Construction Yard RND: I did all terrain work.  mud, puddles, rocks, dirts, grass, etc. This was hand modeled terrain created before the heightbased terrain was implemented.

[Phase 1 Art Out]  My responsibilities were to implement all terrain features to get a team of 8 artists started on full scale production.  Duties include creating rough terrain, vista, tileable textures, decoration groups, photogrammetry rocks, and some vegetation. Then get a rough paint in and prop placement throughout the map.  Map was 3x3 kilometers with vista extending to ~24 kilometers.  

[Phase 2 Art Out] This is when the rest of the team joined up and started getting down and dirty.  My primary responsibilities here were terrain visuals within the gameplay space as well as continued pre-vis for out of bounds vista until BG artists could take over.  I created terrain decals, farms, tileable textures, and hand painted tint maps in engine using masks created from Google Earth and standard brushes.  All terrain textures and decals are tessellated and threshold blend via heightmaps.  They were created via Quixel Megascans or Photogrammetry of my own from Eastern Washington. Splines were sculpts in Zbrush blended with Photoscan data

[PBR props] with texture map breakdown

metal panels 

[PR Work] Throughout the early stages of development, I was required to make a bunch of PR pieces to send to coroporate. These were used to show off the state of our engine and the quality we could push, as well as show off some themes we were exploring

[Basic Props] Just the run of the mill generic props.




[Whitebox Architecture]:  Along with Organics, I also have to build hard surface content.  Most of this content gets sent out to outsource for completion since it's not necessary to be created in Engine.

[Lighthouse] Metalness and cavity excluded since all metal on lighthouse is painted and cavity was pretty minor unless really zoomed in.

  Inline image 3 

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