Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hello, and welcome to my site!  The work below is a small sample of my personal work and studies. These are projects I've worked on during my personal time and using tools or processes that I don't typically use in my professional life.
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Currently working on: Viking Ship

World Machine:
Quick Study using very low res 90 meter per pixel SRTM geological data as a base then running additional passes in world machine to add detail.    8k texture for 8x8 km chunk.

SRTM Geological Data:
Using real world data to create meshes/heightmaps

Out camping I wanted to test my photogrammetry might with something that has high relief and a lot of small items such as splinters.

Shot with a phone camera

An interesting rock formation near the coast in California.  It piqued my imagination when I started thinking about building a small miniature-like village between the two boulders.

Shot with phone camera.

Hard Surface Model:

Shield in Marmoset:
Photoshop and dDo for edge wear.  First textured part of the Viking Ship WIP

Rope in Marmoset.
Utilizes height map displacement

Whitebox Concept:
Drone Turret

Whitebox Concept:
High-Tech Drone Assembly

Quick study of a cave for a Maya MentalRay test

3D Total Tutorial of the lighting

This piece earned Team Best for 3D Total and 2nd Place overall in GameArtisans UneathlyChallenge 2013!

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